Le facteur d'antan
36x48" // 91,44x121,92 cm



Canadian painter, Pierre Bédard was born in Quebec in 1960. Pierre Bédard studied visual arts and studied photography. We find in his characters, his still lifes and landscapes light and emotion, "I explore a lot with a little naive pseudo-primitive writing, the subject is an excuse to apply the colour"

"The artistic approach of Pierre Bédard expresses an invigorating plastic vitality characterized by a powerful pallet combined with a gesture released and yet rigorous, and even structured. Pierre Bédard inscribes on the canvas a whimsical and sophisticated world, where colour gives rise to an infinite variety of fascinating patterns. Its range of topics is vast: landscape, still life, bestiary, floral art and human nature. All are excuses for him to a great aesthetic feast. A true feast by which his unique perspective focuses on life a vision that is both spontaneous and... organized." 
Robert Bernier

The Quebec artist’s oil paintings are part of many public and private collections. His paintings are found in galleries in Canada, the United States and France.