40x60" // 101,60x152,40 cm           2007



Bobbie Burgers was born in Vancouver in 1973. She received a B.A. in art history from the University of Victoria in 1997. She studied painting at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and in Aix-en Provence. Bobbie Burger's preferred subjects are still lives (flower arrangements) in sumptuous colors and her enchanting landscapes. The light that springs from her paintings, her colors live and flamboyant, her contrasts and textures as well as the movement awakens in us feelings of happiness.

"I feel my works have to combine the light, the movement, the perfume, the emotions, the path thissend us on, the focus, lack of focus, the opening and closing of fresh cool air ... The list can go on indefinitely. I love painting flowers for their ability to encapsulate life, death and renewal. Theses blossoms have a history, they are combining past, present, future, dreams and realities into one final vision, which I hope expresses my wonder of the natural word." (Bobbie Burgers).

Bobbie Burgers has participated in numerous solo exhibitions in Europe, the USA and Canada. These works of art are found among several major collections.


Bobbie Burgers Dec 2013

The Jealous Curator talks to Bobbie Burgers