Sombre lumière
42x32" // 106,68x81,28 cm



Canadian artist Viviane Case-Fox was born in Hungary in 1950. To improve her technique, she studied at the Ottawa School of Art, at the Saïdye Bronfman Centre in Montreal and at the Center of Visual Arts in Westmount. The acrylic paintings and oil paintings of Viviane Case-Fox bring visual pleasure leaning towards abstraction. The colour, brightness of Viviane Case-Fox's paintings often transport us into a world of exuberant contrast, emotion and sensitivity.

"Viviane Case-Fox is best known for her works dealing, very freely and often at the limit of figuration, with the floral bouquet. Which she declines, moreover, with an undeniable plastic quality and not withstanding emotion. We may know less her landscapes. Very suggestive, even discreet, ethereal in a recognizable form. Her very personal approach of the world plunges the spectator into a universe modulated between physical reality and dream, sometimes energetic, sometimes peaceful..." 
Robert Bernier

A Quebec artist painter, we find works of art of Viviane Case-Fox in numerous private and public collections. They are available in galleries in both the United States (New York and Fort Lauderdale) and in Canada (Montreal and Toronto).



Mixte Magazine - Viviane Case-fox, Puissance du geste