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Marcelle Ferron

RCA (Royal Canadian Academy)

Canadian Grand Master, painter, sculptor and glass artist Marcelle Ferron was born in Louiseville near Trois-Rivières in 1924 (death in 2001). After studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Quebec City, she became a member of the art movement Automatists (1946-1953). She signed a manifesto, the Refus Global, a decisive event for the cultural scene in Quebec in 1948. From 1953 to 1965, she settles down in Paris where she produced for thirteen years of drawing and painting, while introducing the art of stained glass. "Within the group Refus Global, her small pictures were relatively dark. After that, it’s much bigger, much freer in gesture, with bright colours. The more it goes, the more its white, more its bright. The brush strokes are wider, it is the self fulfillment of the artist "(Réal Lussier). From 1965 to 1973, she dedicates herself to public art with her glass in buildings. Works after 1973 are less massive and more gestural. Marcelle Ferron is known for his energy and dynamism. She has an innate sense of the material, rhythm and balance.

"This great lady of Quebec had an extraordinary influence on people. Driven by extraordinary energy, she was throughout her life motivated by her deep convictions. Her fields of interests were many just like all that passion her: art and ideas. She had a social vision and political course of her own. Above all, Marcelle Ferron has marked the painting and all of Quebec society by her actions and her ideas, not to forget public works of which she was particularly proud. Non figurative, more than abstract, her artistic expression has remained true to its origins automatists although over the decades it was transformed by the genius of her incredible intuition. Here is a major artist of our art history and our modernity. The boundaries of expression extend far beyond Quebec from which it will remain a proud ambassador. English Canada has made an essential artist in the country. Its market has in recent years a fulgarating rise, and it is not over, far from it!" 
Robert Bernier

Quebec artist painter, works of art by Marcelle Ferron are found in several major private, public and corporate collections in both Canada and Europe: Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), National Gallery of Canada, Musée des beaux-arts du Québec, Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal, Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, etc.


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