Quand les brumes se dissipent
Mix Media/Canvas
24x20" // 60,96x50,8 cm


Pierre Gauvreau

Canadian Grand master, painter, Pierre Gauvreau was born in Montreal in 1922 (death in 2011). Jean Gaudreau studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal after having made the cycle of Letters at the College Sainte-Marie. He is an automatist painter. Paul-Émile Borduas wrote of him in The Philadelphia Story (Winter 1947-1948): "Pierre the born painter. The most serene painting that is revolutionary. Dawn or sunset [...]. "Trying to define painting of Pierre Gauvreau is impossible considering the size and vastness of his creation. Several periods punctuated his research. Signatory of the Refus Global (as, among others, his brother Claude - fundamental poet and playwright), Pierre Gauvreau has remained true to the spirit of surrealism throughout his life. Abstract painter? Labels do not stick to his creative assets.

After the automatist adventure, he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where he became one of the most important directors. From the early 1950s, we see less the painter, even if he does not neglect the practice of painting. He makes a remarkable return in 1975 with an exhibition composed of recent works that renew his language, and this without losing the essence of automatist and the spirit of the surreal. In addition, the exhibition is enhanced by his other professional and creative activities at Radio Canada and the National Film Board of Canada. His contribution to our society is vast. Painter, writer, director, author, filmmaker ... His language and approach have marked Quebec in all its practices. 

"A great among greats! "
Robert Bernier

From 1960 to 1975 he abandons painting. In 1976, he takes back his brushes and relentlessly pursues his artistic exploration. In his latest production, Pierre Gauvreau use of caching and aerosol, which gives his work a raw character free from artifices. 

"The painting of Pierre Gauvreau, whether today or tomorrow, is and will always will be an act of lucidity and conviction. "
Robert Bernier

Quebec artist painter, artworks of Pierre Gauvreau are found in several major private, public and corporate collections. From October 2013 to September 2014, a major exhibition organized by the Museum of Civilization in Quebec honored Pierre Gauvreau and his world "Pierre Gauvreau. I was hoping to see you here. "



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