Jean-Pierre Lafrance

Mix Media/Canvas
72x54" // 182,88x137,16 cm

Face or profile
Mix Media/Canvas
48x48" // 121,92x121,92 cm

33X38" // 83,82X96,52 CM

Orphan # 123
Mix Media/Panel
36x30" // 91,44x76,2 cm

Mix Media/Canvas
24x48" // 60,96x121,92 cm

Abstract #7-125
Mix Media/Canvas
36x48" // 91,44x121,92 cm


Jean-Pierre Lafrance

Canadian Grand Master, the painter Jean-Pierre Lafrance was born in Montreal in 1943. At the age of sixteen, he studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal. He continued his studies at Studio Salette in Montreal, then working in the workshops of the sculptor and muralist Jordi Bonet and the Workshop of the island in Val-David, Quebec, where he mastered the many techniques of lithography and screen printing. His painting is the link between the body and the universe, in situational and time: "I never decide in advance what my paintings look like. I work spontaneously and the result is the consequence of my state of mind at the time. An unexpected gesture, a drop of paint flowing and it is all the work finding a new meaning. "He summarizes his painting: "My painting is considered abstract and somewhere it is, but I know she's not really, I always start something, a theme that although it is most often vague, gives me the initial impulse of the line, from the start, but along the way, as it often happens that things are changing. "

"After a career in fashion design and advertising illustration, Jean-Pierre Lafrance began to emerge in the world of visual arts in the late 1980s. And his painting has almost no relationship with his previous jobs, if one thing in common: the body. Until the late 1990s, it is apparent that highly interpreted and treated by a plastically fragmented material. The recognizable shape remains intimate and without details. Shadows, souls ... Then the non-figuration is required. Does the body disappear? Not really. He hides, he is from the inside. This artist needs to feel, to touch with everything that surrounds it. His working sessions looking trance and, once established, its wonderful and incredible intuition does the rest of the work by matching with the great all ... "
Robert Bernier

Quebec artist painter, over the years, Jean-Pierre Lafrance has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada and abroad, including the United States, Mexico and France. Several articles in various newspapers and journals were devoted to him.



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