Claude Le Sauteur

La grange à Gédéon 
8x10" // 20,32x25,4 cm


Claude Le Sauteur

RCA (Royal Canadian Academy)

Canadian Grand Master, painter, Claude Le Sauteur was born in Pentecost River, in Quebec in 1926 (died in 2007). He studied at the École des beaux-arts de Québec. Pupil of Jean-Paul Lemieux and of Jean-Philippe Dallaire, the works of Claude Le Sauteur are robust compositions with multiple facets where intermingle sky, people, forests, curves of shoulders and mountains. Le Sauteur used various techniques such as oil on canvas, pastel and charcoal on paper. He also worked engraving, illustrated books and published serigraphs and lithographs. Claude Le Sauteur marked visual arts of Quebec by the dynamism and rhythm of his pictures which never cease to amaze.

"Figurative painting has experienced from the second half of the twentieth century, if not a crisis, profound questioning. Indeed, under the pressure of abstraction, it was necessary for him to go beyond the theme of the painting and to find its place in modernity ... And among the figurative painters of this period who arrived there, Claude LeSauteur is certainly one of those who have distinguished themselves.

Modern while remaining faithfull to the pictorial tradition, painting of Claude Le Sauteur is distinguished by its flat tints applied in successive layers as well as its aesthetic world where colour plays an important role. Methodical, his art is constructed with rigour, and this both in terms of structure and harmonies. His work is in the continuity of that of Jean-Philippe Dallaire, on the one hand, and Jean Paul Lemieux, on the other hand, for his solemn side. "
Robert Bernier

Artist Quebec painter Claude Le Sauteur has participated in numerous exhibitions in Quebec and Ontario. Several articles in various newspapers and journals were devoted to him. He is strongly present in many of the major art galleries across Canada and his work is in many public and private collections.



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