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Horatio Walker

RCA (Royal Canadian Academy)



Canadian Grand master, photographer, artist painter, landscape artist, Horatio Walker was born in Listowel (Ontario) in 1858 (death in 1938). He studied photography with the photographers Notman and Fraser in Toronto. Horatio Walker is known for his scenes of rural life in Quebec with his peasants and animals.

"Here is one of the most popular artists at the beginning of the twentieth century, not only in Quebec, but across Canada and even the United States, where he worked and lived for several years. The works of Horatio Walker even reach considerable price. For example, the National Gallery, in Ottawa, the largest museum in the country, acquired  Bœufs à l’abreuvoir, in 1899, at the incredible price of ten thousand dollars! His favorite subjects are rural nature he painted with a lot romanticism. Adept walking, he has repeatedly made ong distances where he drew his inspiration by staying with locals along his course. He settles in the Isle of Orleans at the end of his life, where he died in 1938, the same year as the opening of Island bridge. Almost immediately, moreover, his work sinks into oblivion.  For about twenty years, there has been a renewed interest in his art. "
Robert Bernier

His works are in many public and private collections in Quebec, Canada and the United States.